Movement in Company


​How does it work?


Guided and motivated by the instructor, the participants engage in movement in a room. This allows to shed light on hidden patterns, difficult relational dynamics or ingrained structures that no longer serve a purpose and that may be hindering the evolution of the company.


The group is then guided to form simple geometric shapes, a process during which each member becomes inspired to synchronize their movements to create a more harmonious flow. In this way, the members learn to engage with each other in a new way—a “soft skill” which they can then apply in the workplace for the benefit of the entire company.


The exercises promote clear thinking and improve concentration. Participants can also expect a noticeable improvement of their physical wellbeing, mainly due to a relief of overall tension, greater mobility, better breathing and a better blood flow. When applied to their everyday life, this could then be helpful to preventing work accidents, among other benefits. Yet, even more important is the social interaction that develops through this experience.


After a session, most participants feel refreshed and energized, have a clearer notion of what they need to do, and are more in tune with their colleagues. All that is required is a space large enough to accommodate all participants!




For senior executives:

  • The development of corporate growth strategies

  • The development of common goals for the entire team

  • Reduces stress and tension at meetings

For managers:

  • Decision-making

  • Ability to prevent and resolve conflicts

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

  • Increased self-confidence and creativity

For employees:

  • Understanding one’s place in the whole

  • Improves concentration and productivity

  • Helps prevent work injuries


For everyone—senior executives, managers and employees:

  • Discovery of new ways of working with others

  • Greater flexibility in dealing with change

  • Ability to work more effectively in a team

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Higher level of motivation, responsibility and dedication

Practical information



Sessions are held in groups of 8 to 25 people.

The exercises build on each other from week to week. To optimize results, we strongly recommend regular attendance by all members of a group.

Space and floor
  • The room should be large enough to accommodate all participants. We suggest approximately 7 square feet per person, or a minimum of 20 x 20 feet.

  • The room should be cleared and offer enough space for people to move about freely.

  • Chairs should be stacked up on the sides or moved to another room.

  • The floor should be clean to allow sitting or stretching out.

  • Carpeted floors are not appropriate; trapping dust, these often cause respiratory symptoms.

  • Rooms with a piano are welcome as this will allow to integrate musical components.


We recommend wearing light and loose-fitting clothes. This is conducive to developing relaxed and graceful movements. Ballet, jazz or gymnastic shoes with anti-slip soles are preferable.



Prices are established on a client-to-client basis depending on the desired program.

Scheduling options


Movement in Company seeks to accommodate the specific needs and time constraints of your organization when setting up a private session or group workshop. For groups, we suggest the following scheduling options.

30–60 minutes, before lunch, Mondays to Fridays

60–90 minutes, once or twice per week
Half-day (3 hours), once per month
2- or 3-day workshop
Retreat of 2 or 3 days (location to be determined)


In addition to our private sessions and group workshops, we also offer targeted support sessions at meetings, seminars and conferences.